Deep Thoughts Deep in the Night

Poem by Alan Tien, November 2017, inspired by a random conversation in a bar with the couple who sat next to us while we watched a Stanford football game on TV. Having heard that I went to Stanford, the lady mentioned her uncle went to Stanford and then the Navy. Before I could say anything, she said he was dead, but she followed up immediately with the fact that her uncle’s Stanford college mates who came up for the funeral were really “upright men.”

His time came too early

A man sheathed in Glory.

His time in the Navy

Spoke of his bravery,

But his time at Stanford

Taught him the word

Was stronger than the sword.

Only a sketch of a man

Overheard at dinner

Bloomed into a painting

In the mind of the listener.

It was another reminder

Cutting through the chatter

Of everyday life

To live honorably

For the daily eulogy

Of friends and family.