By Alan Tien

October 2021

When I was GM of PayPal China, I gave my mainland Chinese employees one piece of sound advice: “Speak 10 times louder.” Silly, right? I wasn’t exhorting them to work harder, or smarter, but to bluster more when talking to their US colleagues, because unfortunately…

Written on March 14, 2014 — Pi Day

“Let him through. He’s just the pizza guy.”

‘Just,’ I think. That about sums up my life.

I shoulder my way through the anti-vaxxer crowd. They’re pretty rowdy, waving hand-scrawled signs and shouting non-sensical slogans like, “Check the facts! Don’t get vax!”…

AGT Silhouettes

Compress life to shadows,

Collapse a dimension,

Drain colors away,

Glow the stark reality of the divide:

The Have-Homes and the Have-Nots,

While the Sheltered saunter by,

Ignorant and ignoring the polite pleas,

The silent screams for our shattered attention.

But who do we help?

So much need,

Written by Alan Tien

Dec 2015

“Prepare for liftoff. All systems go.”

My heart pounded hearing these final words before the infamous countdown, even though I had gone through this 100 times in the flight simulator. But this time was the real thing. I stretched against my tight restraints; I…

Poem by Alan Tien, November 2017, inspired by a random conversation in a bar with the couple who sat next to us while we watched a Stanford football game on TV. Having heard that I went to Stanford, the lady mentioned her uncle went to Stanford and then the Navy…

February 19, 2017

By Alan Tien

D: “Hey Luc, George left his computer unlocked again!”

L: “That idiot, didn’t he learn his lesson last time when we mucked with his simulation?”

D: “Guess not. What should we do this time?”

L: “I don’t know how he does it, but he’s…

Alan Tien

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